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Master Your Personal Connections

  • Mind Shift on Demand to Decrease frustration, stress, irritation and anxiety
  • Teen Talk ... Hearing Them So They Hear You Too
  • Romance & Intimacy ... Creating & Keeping Your Love Alive
  • Body Talk ... Improve your overall health (I'm sure you know there is a mind-body connection that can create dis-ease)
  • Future Visioning ... Bringing Your Heart's Desires to Life
  • Courageous Conversations ... What to say and how to say it so that even the most challenging discussions to be received with love and respect
  • Self-Leadership ... Increasing your capacity to live, love and lead

Master Your Business Connections

  • Masterful Messaging ... Attract more of your IDEAL clients by knowing what they really want (not what
  • Networking & Follow-Up That's Effective, Efficient & Profitable!
  • Captivating Copy ... Creating marketing campaigns that get CLICKS and get your phone ringing
  • Sales Mastery ... Be skilled in the nuance of conversations and consultative sales to meet the needs of your ideal client
  • The Art of Negotiation ... Creating win-win-win results
  • Servant Leadership ... Building teams that WANT to increase their efficiency and productivity

Cross-Over Topics for Life & Business

  • Authenticity & Vulnerability ... When, Where & How to Say Just Enough (and Not Too Much)
  • Inclusion & Diversity ... Expanding Your Awareness, Interest & Understanding of Others
  • Presence & Poise ... Being The One You Really Want to Be with Others
  • Presence & Poise ... Being The One You Really Want to Be with Others
  • Cyber Speak ... How to Identify & Protect from Online Scams
  • Customers & Clients ... Handling The Happy Ones & The Not So Happy Ones
  • Social Media Etiquette, Efficiency & Effectiveness