Improving Your People Skills is the Fastest Path to a Better Life for You and Humanity

Join us at The People Skills Symposium

An Interactive Experience Giving You Practical Strategies to Improve Your People Skills






6pm to 8pm Eastern


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Faculty Experts Share Insights, Perspectives & Strategies for Improved Communications 

Personal People Skills

How to reduce drama and conflict with family and friends
Being more effective in asking for what you want
Knowing what to say and how to say it for "Courageous Conversations" that allow even the most challenging discussions to be received with love and respect
Decrease frustration, stress, irritation and anxiety within yourself
Improve your overall health and happiness.

Business People Skills

Quickly build rapport turning cold leads into real connections
Have team members want to increase their efficiency and productivity
Negotiate and create win-win-win results
Create marketing campaigns that get clicks and get your phone ringing
Be skilled in the nuance of conversations and consultative sales to meet the needs of your ideal clients

Join us for this experiential symposium featuring our highly-skilled and qualified line-up of experts and thought leaders.

A Preview of Some of Our Esteemed Faculty Members

Duane Cummings

CEO of The Sensational Group, former CEO of Leadercast, Trusted advisor to organizations and individuals around the globe.

Trish Carr

Co-Founder of Women's Prosperity Network, Communication & Sales Expert, former Fortune 100 consultant.

Gerry Foster

Known as The Branding Evangelist who has helped over  100,000 small business owners from San Diego to Dubai.

Heather Tucker, PhD

Founder of Another Level Living where the focus is on Business and Life Harmony. Dr. Heather has certified 300+ life coaches.

Jana Danielson, MBA

Award-winning wellness entrepreneur, owner of Lead Pilates & Integrated Health Therapies & the Metta District.

LaWanna Bradford

Serial entrepreneur and global leader in strategic planning and performance. COO of The Bradford Group.

Barry Auchettl

Founder of The Vision School, creator of The Conversations Game, Eye Power Vision Improvement Series & Movie

Jill Lublin

The modern day Dale Carnegie of Radical Influence, author of Profit of Kindness specializing in PR and Publicity.

Burge Smith-Lyons

Founder of Essence of Being who has helped thousands of people for the past 40 years across six (6) continents.

Carol Pilkington

40 years combined training in astrological counseling, spirituality,  and deep transformational work.

Andrea Isaacs

Andrea's work blends Emotional Intelligence, the Enneagram, Body Wisdom, Neuroscience and Spirituality.

Mark Porteous

Mark is the Master Connector and shows how to build your relationship capital for aligned joint ventures and partnerships.

Donna Smith Bellinger

Your Sales Manager on Demand Donna works with organizations and entrepreneurs sharing the "Revenue Up" system.

Debra L. Morrison, CFP®

42+ year financial industry expert, Founder of Women Navigating Finances, TEDx Speaker and Author.

Gail Dixon

Founder of The Hearts Voice Movement. Top expert for speakers, thought leaders and mission-driven entrepreneurs.

Jannette Anderson

Known as "The Why Whisperer" showing you how to tap into your purpose for greater results and fulfillment.

Claudia Rocafort

Communications and entertainment professional with experience in front of the camer and on stage.

Harrison Klein

An innovatic game changer with a massive 360° vision providing high-energy, high-purpose, high-impact results.

Regena Ozeryansky

Your Internal Peace Revolutionist and "Stress Expert." Real Estate Professional, Investor & Yogi guides you to peace and calm.

Carla Hutchinson, PhD

Dr. Carla is the founder of Foundation4ARTS, Inspiring & Empowering Futures, Parenting Success Strategies

Lisa I. Perez

Transforming the Human in Human Resources through training, consulting and services. Author of The Complete Manager Makeover.

Donna Blevins, PhD

"The Big Girl of Poker" at 6' 5" tall, 40+ yrs experience, Donna helps people perform at their highest level under pressure.

Dr. Patricia Rogers

CEO of Unity in Service where "People need people." Visibility Strategist, Honorary Doctorate for Outstanding Leadership

Anne Heisinger

CEO of Anne Heisinger Leadership Academy serving business and healthcare professionals.

Pamela Kirkpatrick

Bettering lives through her two careers, licensed reverse mortgage broker and practicing Sound Healer.

Come to the symposium & improve your people skills!

wednesday, march 30th (6pm to 8pm EASTERN)


(Replays available with registration)

Here's What Others Are Saying About PSA

Our amazing community are loving our's what they are saying about The People Skills Academy

"I'm feeling so much more positive energy and I've been flat out making lots of small changes to my physical environment too that are feeling so good.

So pleased that I am finally taking some positive action."


New Zealand

"Thank you for just saving my marriage. I just mean that because it's a very stressful time for me right now and from the class I realize that the way I have come at my husband to get him to do things, which I thought was loving and caring - really wasn't. I didn't quite give him a choice."


New York

About The People Skills Academy


A world where people unite by moving beyond differences and division to understanding, connection and compassion. 


Provide resources and practical solutions in an inclusive and collaborative environment which leads to a higher quality of life.


Awareness • Acknowledgment
Curiosity • Listening • Empathy 
Community • Contribution
Lifelong Learning

About Nancy Matthews

Founder, The People Skills Academy
Co-Founder, Women's Prosperity Network
International Speaker & Bestselling Author

Nancy brings more than 30 years of experience and the perfect blend of expertise, authenticity and heart to all her endeavors. As a single mother of two (now all grown up), Nancy knows first-hand how to juggle the many demands on our time and energy to achieve extraordinary results and enjoy the journey.

She has been sharing the principles of The One Philosophy with audiences world-wide since 2010 and now brings us The People Skills Academy so that we can co-create a world where everyone treats each other as  "The One."

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(Replays available with registration)

Join us at The People Skills Symposium

An Interactive Experience Giving You Practical Strategies to Improve Your People Skills






6pm to 8pm Eastern

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