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A world where people unite by moving beyond differences and division to understanding, connection and compassion. 


Provide resources and practical solutions in an inclusive and collaborative environment which leads to a higher quality of life.


Awareness • Acknowledgment
Curiosity • Listening • Empathy 
Community • Contribution
Lifelong Learning

Guiding Principles: Living The One Philosophy

The People Skills Academy was founded by Nancy Matthews, author of the bestselling book, The One Philosophy, to provide tools and resources to support us in treating every person we meet as "The One."

Talk Less, Listen More

Hold & Hone Your Vision

Exhibit Exemplary Behavior

Own Your Life with 100% Responsibility

Never, Never, Never Gossip

Exercise Your Mind & Spirit Daily

Praise for The One Philosophy

4.5 out of 5 stars

Cyrus Webb, Top 100 Amazon Reviewer

"The One Philosophy reminds us that everyone has the chance to be "The One" through what they do for themselves and others."

Sharon Lechter, Author & Businesswoman

"This little book surely does hold a big message...the secret to a fulfilled and purposeful life is to focus on serving others first."

Vicki Ibaugh, Cerfified Kolbe Consultant

"The One Philosophy has inspired me to expand how I show up for others - to be of service with no expectation of anything in return. And yet, the more I am of service to others, the more goodness I receive in my own life."

Don Green, The Napoleon Hill Foundation

"Conventional wisdom tells us not to judge a book by its cover. By reading this book you will realize how so much wisdom can be imparted in a small book."

Mikal Haney, Coach & Minister

"Before you reach the end of this book, you begin to realize your inner power and spirit to truly be "The One" for others and that by doing simple things for someone else, you open the vision for your life."

Jana Danielson, MBA, entreprenuer

"After reading this book and applying the principles, my team is flourishing. It is resonating through them to our clients and patients and I love it!"

About Nancy Matthews

Founder, The People Skills Academy
Co-Founder, Women's Prosperity Network
International Speaker & Bestselling Author

Nancy brings more than 30 years of experience and the perfect blend of expertise, authenticity and heart to all her endeavors. As a single mother of two (now all grown up), Nancy knows first-hand how to juggle the many demands on our time and energy to achieve extraordinary results and enjoy the journey.

She has been sharing the principles of The One Philosophy with audiences world-wide since 2010 and now brings us The People Skills Academy so that we can co-create a world where everyone treats each other as  "The One."

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