Instructions – Set Yourself Up for Success (and Ease)

Welcome to your 30-day journey through The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles.

This course has been creating RICHES for people since it’s creation in 2012. The program is divided into 30 bite-sized pieces so that you can slowly and intentionally integrate the principles and create a shift within yourself to bring about your desire for riches.

Please Note: I know you’ll be so loving the course that you will want to jump ahead and consume it all very quickly. You will receive the greatest benefit by taking it slow, just 15 minutes a day and then allowing your new learnings to integrate as you create a new way of being in relationship with money and riches.


  1. 15 Minutes Per Day: Schedule a minimum of 15 minutes per day to read and/or listen to the lesson.
  2. Reflect & Integrate: Follow your reading of the material with a few minutes of reflection and integration with the journal prompts provided.
  3. Evidence Tracker: Track your results. Your riches will be coming to you in a variety of ways, such as savings on things you want to purchase, people giving you gifts, former customers appearing out of the blue, new clients coming in, old receivables suddenly being paid and a host of other unexpected riches! Use the Evidence Tracker every day and notice the small riches that come your way as well as the big ones.


This course consists of the entire original content of The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles, complemented by content from Nancy Matthews, a Journal and an Evidence Tracker. The materials are available in a variety of formats to suit various types of learning styles.

Proceed to the next lesson to access the print materials that accompany the course.