Receiving Your Riches 30 Day Course with Nancy Matthews

$ 149

In 1910 Wallce D. Wattles published, The Science of Getting Rich, providing the formula for bringing about that which you desire. This formula focuses on your faith and your actions in being an “advancing personality.” These foundations align with The One Philosophy and honing your people skills as the things you desire will come to you in some fashion through other people. Join us for a 30-day guided study of The Science of Getting Rich where you will shift your thinking and tap into the power of this proven formula and receive all sorts of riches during the study (and beyond). And …feel great while you’re doing it! Nancy Matthews guides you through this one of a kind course to Receive YOUR Riches FAST! The lessons are divided in bite-sized pieces for just 15 minutes a day to give you the opportunity to create a new relationship with money and abundance.



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