Your Riches Bundle!

$ 49

Deepen your relationship with yourself, your riches and “The Ones” who you are meant to meet to bring your visions to life.

  • Receiving Your Riches Book (Hard Copy) – This spiral bound book contains the original text of The Science of Getting Rich along with reflection and journal prompts, evidence tracker and original content by Nancy Matthews to enhance your experience in receiving YOUR riches! (Value $37)
  • The One Philosophy: A Better Life for You & Humanity (Hard Copy, Autographed) – This book is the blueprint on how to be The One for others and experience the magic of others being The One for you. The six (6) principles of living The One are an easy to follow blueprint for your day to day life and you’ll love the miracles that come into view as you embrace The One Philosophy. (Value $17)
  • One Month Trial Membership in The People Skills Academy – Full access to class materials provided by international experts in human behavior, communications, leadership, entrepreneurship and more. Two live classes every month with Nancy Matthews and expert faculty to sharpen and practice your communication skills in an inclusive and collaborative environment providing practical strategies to bring into your daily life. (Value $49)

Total Value: $103 – Save 50% Today with The Receiving Your Riches Bundle.

Now Only $49



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